SFEvents: Policies and Guidelines

Articles We Carry

The SFEvents list carries the following types of articles:


We try to keep the traffic low, so as not to fill your mailbox. Generally, traffic is pretty light; there are only a couple (fewer than ten) messages on the list per week.

Each message has a distinctive tag [sfevents] in the subject header, so you can set up your mail software to automatically filter or file the messages into a separate folder.

We tend not to post multiple reminder announcments for an event, also to reduce the strain on your mailbox. So if you see something that interests you, please mark it on your calendar, Outlook, PDA or whatever.

Public Events

Only events open to the general public are listed. Some events may have an entrance fee, though as a rule all Sidewalk Astronomers-sponsored events or activities are free.

Commercial Announcements

We do not allow commerical solicitations or announcements, though we sometimes post announcements for events or special offers sponsored by local astronomy-oriented business. The local astronomy businesses are a part of the amateur astronomy community and do support us, so we support them in return by publicizing their activities from time to time.

There's a definite gray area here, but the general rule is that we aren't here to sell you stuff, and we will not use the list to dump advertisements on you.

Privacy Policy

We will never give your name or email address to anyone else, for any purpose. We do not keep your email address once you've unsubscribed from the list.


Follow this link to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list.

Change of Address

This page has instructions for changing your email address. Basically, you unsubscribe your old address and re-subscribe your new one.

Event Submssions

List members may submit event announcments for distribution, subject to moderator approval. However, posts to the list from non-members are automatically discarded, to fight spam. If you are not a member of the list, send your event announcement to:

Submission Guidelines

If you are submitting an event listing, plain text is strongly preferred, as are links to websites with more information.

We do not post PDF, Microsoft Word, images, or other attachments to the list. In fact, if you provide us information in those formats we will simply convert it back to plain text for use on the email list and website — so you may wish to save yourself the time and effort.

Make sure you include the basics:


This page has an archive of past messages.