Notes from John Dobson's Telescope Making Class

If you would like to grind your own telescope mirror, or build a telescope the Dobson way, these notes should be very useful.

These notes were taken during John Dobson's Telescope Making class in San Francisco, Fall 1996.

You can use these notes as an accompaniment to the actual class, to the online plans for building a Dobsonian telescope, or to the Telescope Building with John Dobson video. You can purchase the video online from the Sidewalk Astronomers national website.

Week 1 (class introduction, view video) October 10

Week 2 (rough grinding) October 17

Week 3 (Fine Grinding) October 24

Week 4 (Pitch Lap pouring, polishing) - October 31

Week 5: Construction notes (November 7)

Week 6: Mirror Testing and Figuring (November 14)

Weeks 7 and beyond: More Mirror Testing and Figuring (November 21)