Donating or Selling Used Telescopes

The mission of the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers is to bring astronomy to the general public. We do not buy or sell telescopes, or accept telescope donations.

We do make one exception: We will accept donations (subject to our storage space) of homemade Dobsonian telescopes built by John Dobson, or under John Dobson's supervision in one of his telescope making classes. If you have one of these telescopes, please contact us for more information.

If your telescope is not a homemade Dobsonian original, and you want to sell or donate your telescope, here are some options:

  1. You can post a 'for sale' ad to the bulletin board at the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers website.
  2. The San Jose Astronomical Association presents an annual auction every spring, in Houge Park in San Jose. You can take your scope there and sell it at auction. Watch their website for an announcement and more details.
  3. The San Jose Astronomical Association also runs a telescope loaner program. You could donate your telescope to SJAA, which they will make available to interested parties.
  4. Scope City in San Francisco will sell used telescopes in their store, on a consignment basis at no extra cost to you.
  5. People have also sold scopes on Craigslist in the Bay Area.
  6. You could donate the scope to a school. We do not maintain a list of schools seeking telescopes, but you could start by calling schools near you and asking if they might appreciate the donation.
  7. You can post your scope for sale on the AstroMart website, in the classifieds section. AstroMart specializes in buying and selling telescopes.
  8. You can post your scope for sale on the Cloudy Nights website, in the classifieds section. Cloudy Nights specializes in telescope equipment, including buying and selling telescopes.
  9. EBay is another good choice, with wide reach.